Prelims Practice Workbook Paper-1: 2000+ NCERT Based MCQs


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Prelims Practice Workbook Paper- 1 :2000+ NCERT based MCQs for UPSC Prelims Exam

Updated Prelims Practice Workbook paper -1 (GS) (2000+ NCERT Based MCQs Practice Questions)

Download Sample : Prelims Practice Workbook – (NCERT)


The Prelims workbook is a novel concept brought to you by GS SCORE for aiding your preparation
and helping you achieve ‘the IAS dream’. The Workbooks contain sets of questions along with their
answers and explanations to help students practice at their convenience.
There are 3 Workbooks (Volume 1, 2 & 3) available to all the students for the preparation of
the Preliminary examination.
1.  Workbook Volume 1: (NCERT Based Practice Questions)
It will helps aspirants to cover all the basic concepts from NCERT through MCQs of this
2. Workbook Volume 2 : (Previous Year Questions)
Aspirants can also download Workbook Volume-2 (Previous Year Questions with Answers
and Explanation)
3. Workbook Volume 3 : (Practice Based Questions)
It covers all the standard reference books. MCQs of this booklet will be analytical in nature
and will include all advance level concepts.

All booklets are categorized subject-wise for the benefi t and convenience of the students. This
categorization will also help the students practice the questions based on the topics they are
studying without having to search for them from a huge compilation of uncategorized notes in the

What is the signifi cance of the practicing MCQs based on NCERT?

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”
For UPSC CSE aspirants, NCERT Books are highly recommended before moving on to reference
books, the reason is that they help in building a strong solid foundation based on holistic
approach. NCERT books have concise and compact coverage of almost all the topics which are
mentioned in UPSC Civil Services Syllabus. Analysis of Previous years question papers shows
that questions are consistently asked either directly or indirectly from NCERT books.

Subject-Wise Analysis of previous years Civil Services Preliminary Examinations


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