Ancient History for IAS Prelims: Target PT 2021 (Quick Revision Notes)


UPSC Study Material of Ancient History for IAS Prelims

Ancient History Prelims material: Target PT 2021 (Quick Revision Notes)

In General studies paper of UPSC Civil services Examination,History is one of the most important section of the Prelimsas well as mains exam. One can easily expect 10 – 15 questions from History syllabus in UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper I.The discipline of History is broadly divided into Ancient History, Art &Culture, Medieval History and Modern History.

What do the IAS aspirants need?

IAS aspirants need a single-source material that is a complete guide for their preparation in the UPSC CSE Prelims examination. This source is brought to them by GS SCORE to aid them to achieve success in this very attempt. The material covers all important and relevant facts and material required to be studied by aspirants in a single booklet. This helps to ease their preparation and provides consolidated and complete UPSC notes at one place.

What is GS SCORE providing in the study material?

The GS SCORE Prelims Study Material Series provides One-stop Solution&complete coverage of topics and delves into the issues and aspects of Ancient History. It has been completely revised and updated with recent developments.

The material includes in detail about the topics related to:

  1. Pre Historic Times
  • Paleolithic Phase
  • Mesolithic & Neolithic Phase
  • Chalcolithic Phase
  1. Indus Valley Civilization
  2. Vedic Age
  • Early Vedic Age or Regvedic Age
  • Later Vedic Period/ Painted Grey Ware Phase
  • Vedic Literature
  1. Jainism & Buddhism
  2. Mahajanpadas
  3. Persian Invasions
  4. Mauryan Empire
  5. Post Mauryan Period
  • Post Mauryan Period
  • Post Mauryan Arts
  1. Gupta Period (Economy, Art & Culture)
  • Gupta Period
  • Gupta Period Economy, Art & Culture
  1. Harshavardhana
  2. Sangam Period & South Indian Kingdom
  • Sangam Period
  • Pallavas, Chalukyas&Rashtrakutas
  1. Miscellaneous


History is a key subject for any Competitive Examination, So, considering the importance of the subject GS SCORE have created a Comprehensive Study material for the benefit of UPSC Aspirants.



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