IR: International Relations for IAS Mains


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These include issues related to:

Part -1:

India’s Foreign Policy Framework

India’s Bilateral Relations

Topic Listing & Sample Notes – Part 1

Part – 2:

International Organizations

Nuclear issues

Important global issues

Topic Listing & Sample Notes – Part 2



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UPSC Study Material of International Relations of Part 1 & 2 for IAS Mains

What is GS SCORE covering in these International Relations UPSC Mains notes?

The following two volumes are part of GS SCORE Mains series related to International Relations. They have complete and holistic coverage with analytical insights on India’s Foreign Policy and important contemporary global issues. They cover the background, development and the present relations with all major powers in the world. They analyse India’s position in the global power balance. It provides a comprehensive solution to the IAS aspirants to understand the global power politics and score well in the GS Paper II, Essay and the Optional Papers too.

These include issues related to:

  • India’s Foreign Policy: Evolution, Changing Global scenario, Multilateral Issues, Climate Change in IR, Diaspora Welfare and Issues, etc.
  • Bilateral Relations: Relations with all immediate neighbours, Neighbourhood first policy, Act East Policy, West Asian Policy, Central Asia-India, etc.
  • International Organizations: WTO, UN, IMF, World Bank, BRICS, ASEAN, BIMSTEC, etc.
  • Nuclear issues: International Treaties, Australia Group, IAEA, Wassenaar Arrangement, Membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group.
  • Important global issues: International Money Laundering and Terrorism, Syrian Civil War, Refugee Crisis, Brexit, De-globalization, Protectionism, Currency wars, Unilateralism, Multilateralism, Trade war, New Great Game, etc.


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