Indian Polity: (Vol: 2) Indian Polity for IAS Mains


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Indian Polity: UPSC Study Material of Indian Polity -II for IAS Mains

What is GS SCORE covering in these Polity UPSC Mains notes?

Volume-II is the Government Organs in India.

It includes in detail about the issues related to:

  • The Union Executive: The President, the Vice-President, the Prime Minister, and the Council of Ministers.
  • The State Executive: The Governor, the Chief Ministers, and the state council of ministers.
  • The Administration of the Union territories
  • The Union Legislature: The Parliament, its functions, membership, sessions, composition, changes in the election procedure of the Rajya Sabha, Parliamentary privileges, the anti-defection law, etc.
  • The State Legislature: Assembly, Councils, procedure and the comparison of the two houses.
  • Centre-State Relations: Role of the Governor, misuse of A-356, Sarkaria Commission, Punchhi Commission.
  • The Indian Judiciary: The Supreme Court, the High Courts, and the Subordinate Courts. Judicial Review, Judicial activism, and reforms.

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