Indian Economy: (Vol: 1) Indian Economy for IAS Mains


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Volume-I: Basics of Economy.

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Indian Economy: UPSC Study Material of Indian Economy – I for IAS Mains

What is GS SCORE covering in the Indian Economy for UPSC Mains notes?

The five volumes of GS SCORE Mains series related to issues pertaining to the Indian economy. We bring you an exhaustive text for studying and understanding the world’s third-largest economy made comprehensively and in a lucid manner. Special attention has also been paid to discuss the latest developments, policies and problems related to the Indian economy in a very coherent and easily understandable language.

Volume-I is Basics of Economy. It includes in detail about the issues related to:

  • Economic Theory:
    • Basics of market equilibrium,
    • Market structures,
    • Elasticity, and
    • Resource mobilisation.
  • Overview of the Indian Economy:
    • Pre-Independence,
    • Impact of British rule in India,
    • Post-Independence Economics situation.
  • Economic Planning and Development:
    • The Planning Commission,
    • Its objectives, achievements and failures.
  • Phases of Economic Development in India:
    • Nehruvian Socialist Economy
    • Inflationary Economy
    • Agriculture since Independence
    • Changing Agrarian Economy
    • Industrial development and progress
    • Foreign Trade Policy since independence


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