IAS Mains Study Materials: IAS Mains


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IAS Mains Study Materials: UPSC Mains

Booklet Details:

  • Total – 52 booklets ( Mains – 25, Contemporary Issues – 11)
  • Previous Year Mains Solved Question (Subject wise) – 4 Booklets
  • Yearly Current Affairs – weekly e magzine
  • Workbook mains – 12 (booklets)
  • Discussion through Online Platform

IAS Mains Study Materials: IAS Mains

GS SCORE Comprehensive Mains Study Material Package


GS SCORE brings study material notes that provide in-depth analysis of major themes and topics to the IAS aspirants preparing to give the UPSC CSE, which requires to prepare all topics in different aspects. The UPSC For working professionals and aspirants who are from distant areas, who are unable to enroll in the classroom programs, GS SCORE has carefully prepared the most comprehensive and concise study material. This will help to impart relevant knowledge and skills that are required to succeed in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

With the all-inclusive study material package and almost all the substantial and meaningful material, GS SCORE provides you:

  • 52 booklets in total

1.    25 Mains Study Material Booklets

2.    11 Contemporary Issues Study Material Booklets.

3.    12 Mains Workbooks

4.  4 booklets on Previous Year Mains Solved Questions (with Subject-wise segregation)

  • Weekly e-magazines covering yearly Current Affairs
  • Discussion through the IAS SCORE online platform


  • The Study Material Booklets provide thorough and extensive notes that bring to an end the IAS aspirants search for perfect and meticulously crafted notes.
  • GS SCORE offers an assiduous composition of the material that has all the important points of the basic books organised in a sensible and methodical manner.
  • Material for all the GS Papers 1,2,3 and 4 have been provided in the Study notes by GS SCORE including Contemporary Issues materials, which is updated and revised constantly.
  • The Workbooks:
  1.  It is a novel initiative that assists the IAS aspirants to practice and revise the topics that they have covered.
  2. As answer writing is a critical component for the preparation of the UPSC CSE, it is essential for aspirants to practise and clear the fundamental concepts.
  3. With the range of questions that have been provided by GS SCORE, it is considered that all the topics have been covered in a Question-Answer format.
  4. They will provide IAS aspirants with the approach to writing answers on every single topic covered by GS SCORE.

Lastly, with proper strategy, guidance and hard work, the material is very advantageous to every aspirant who wishes to improve and clear the exam in this very attempt.


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