Disaster Management for IAS Mains


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This Book Includes Following issues:

    • Introduction to disaster management
    • India’s vulnerability to several disasters
    • Institutional framework
    • International cooperation
    • Contemporary Issues

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UPSC Study Material of Disaster Management for IAS Mains

What is GS SCORE covering in these Disaster Management UPSC Mains notes?

There is one volume of GS SCORE’s Mains series pertaining to Disaster Management. They have a wide range of issues covered making them very valuable study materials for the UPSC CSE Mains examination. It delves into the Institutional framework on disaster management, International frameworks related to disaster management, and India’s vulnerability to disaster. They have been completely revised and are updated with recent developments related to disaster management. They form an important part of GS Paper-III and can be used in Essay and Ethics Papers too. It includes in detail about the issues related to:

    • Introduction to disaster management
      • Types and Classification of disasters
      • Disaster Risk Management and Cycle
      • Broader Strategies
    • India’s vulnerability to several disasters
      • Cyclones and Tsunamis
      • Floods and Cloud Bursts
      • Heat Waves and Droughts
    • Institutional framework
      • Evolution and the Present Structure
      • Organisation and Framework
      • National Plan on Disaster Mangement
    • International cooperation
      • Hyogo Framework of Action
      • Sendai Framework
    • Contemporary Issues
      • Rat-hole mining
      • Disaster Management Index
      • Urban Flooding
      • AapdaMitra Scheme
      • National School Safety Project
      • Landslide warning system
      • Tsunami Early Warning System
      • Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF)
      • 10-Point Agenda on Disaster Risk Reduction



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