UPSC Prelims 2019 Quick revision notes : Human Geography


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Branch of geography that deals with the study of people and their communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment by studying their relations with and across space and placeIn this booklet you will get details like Demographics, poverty, hunger, literacy rates, unemployment etc. in a geography perspective which are very important from exam point of view.

The material consist of following Chapters :
  1. Human Geography of World
  • Patterns of Population Distribution in the World
  • Density of Population
  • Factors Influencing the Distribution of Population
  • Components of Population Change
  • Population Growth
  • Trends in Population Growth
  • Doubling Time of World Population
  • Demography Theories
  • Population Resource Balance
  • Population Composition
  • Sex Composition
  • Age-Sex Pyramid
  • Rural Urban Composition
  • Literacy
  • Occupational Structure
  • World Population by Religion
  • Population Problems of Developing Countries
  • Population Problems of Developed Countries
  • Major and Minor Cultural Realms of the World
  • Major Tribes of the World
  1. Indian Demography
  • Highlights of Census
  • Population size and Geographic Distribution
  • Rate of Population Growth
  • Literacy
  • Sex Ratio
  • Rural – Urban Composition
  • Composition of Working Population
  • Fertility
  • Expectation of Life/Life Expectancy
  • Demographic Issues in India
  • Family Planning and Population Policy in India
  • Ethnic Groups in India
  • Tribes in India
  • Languages of India
  • Socio-Economic Caste Census,
  1. Migration
  • Basic Concepts
  • Effects of Migration
  • Types of migration
  • India’s Migration Pattern: International Migration
  • India’s Migration Pattern: Internal Migration
  • Magnitude and Patterns of Migration
  1. Human Settlement
  • Rural Settlements
  • Classification of Villages
  • Rural Settlement Patterns
  • Morphology of Rural Settlements
  • Urban Settlements
  • Urbanisation in India
  • Concept of Smart Cities
  • Smart City Mission
  1. Human Resource & Development
  • Growth vs Development
  • The Four Pillars of Human Development
  • Approaches to Human Development
  • Measurement of Human Development

Glossary of Demographic Terms


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