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Industrial Revolution

Unification of Italy 
The syllabus of World History includes “History of the world will include events from 18th century such as industrial revolution, world wars, redrawing of national boundaries, colonization, decolonization, political philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism etc.- their forms and effect on the society”.

Salient features of the content are:

  • Comprehensive Coverage of World History of GS Mains Paper I
  • The material is prepared keeping in mind the necessity of the Aspirants with respect to changing UPSC Pattern
  • GS Mains material covers traditional as well as contemporary dimensions of the topics mentioned in the syllabus
  • Underline sub-topics under the broader UPSC syllabus have also been covered
  • Answer writing practice questions alongwith Hints will be provided to help students in understanding the basic structure of the answer

The material consists of following Chapters:

Part 1

Chapter 1: American Revolution

  • Foundation of American Colonies
  • The Independence of United States of America
  • The American Revolutionary War
  • What was the impact of American Revolution?
  • From 13 United Colonies to USA
  • The Civil War

Chapter 2: Industrial Revolution

  • Decline of feudalism
  • Beginning of Renaissance
  • Pre-industrial Europe
  • Agricultural Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution

Chapter 3: French Revolution

  • Causes
  • The Revolution in France
  • France under Napoleon
  • Impact of Revolution
  • Significance of Revolution

Chapter 4: Nationalism In Europe

  1. Rise of the Nation-state System
  2. Unification of Italy
  3. Unification of Germany

Part 2

Chapter 1: Colonialism and Imperialism

  • Colonialism
  • The age of Imperialism (1870-1914)
  • Imperialism in Asia
  • Analysis of Colonialism

Chapter 2: World War – I

  • Major causes of the War
  • Course of the War
  • Analysis of Major Events of the War
  • Consequences of World War I
  • Aftermath of World War I
  • League of Nations

Part 3

Chapter 1: Russian Revolution

  • Major Events in Pre-revolution Russia
  • Causes
  • Course of Revolution
  • Consequences
  • Aftermath of the War
  • Post-Lenin Russia

Chapter 2: Inter-War Years (1919 To 1939)

  • The Great Depression
  • The Great Depression- An Economic Perspective
  • Rise of Fascism in Italy
  • Rise of Nazism in Germany
  • Soviet Union (USSR)

Part 4

Chapter 1: World War – II

  1. Foundations of the War
  2. Course of the War
  3. Aftermath of War
  4. Analysis of the War

Chapter 2: Decolonization

  1. United Nations
  2. Decolonization

Part 5

Chapter 1: Political Philosophies

  1. Capitalism
  2. Socialism
  3. An Essay on Marx’s Critique of Capitalism

Chapter 2: Cold War

  1. Introduction
  2. Long Term Causes
  3. Break-down of the Alliance
  4. Korea Issue
  5. The Arms Race
  6. The USSR in Eastern Europe
  7. End of Cold War

Chapter 3: Post Cold War

  1. Global issues since 1991
  2. Integration of Europe
  3. European integration- a timeline
  4. Rise of global Islamic terrorism
  5. Rise of China


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