Study Material for Answer Writing workbook General Studies Paper 1


Product Description

General Studies Paper 1 consists of Modern History, Culture, World History, Post-Independence, Geography (World and India) and Indian Society.

By analyzing the pattern of paper from the past few years, the syllabus though looks static but questions are of varied nature covering many dimensions.

Due to varied dimensions of questions aspirant is not able to score well in the examination.

The flaw is not due to lack of information, its more about analyzing the dimensions related to A good Mains answer requires just three things: Interpretation + Articulation + Objectivity. Interpretation of question – to get the correct dimension out of it and bringing Objectivity in the answer by sticking to that dimension only has become a challenge.

Aspirants should be clear in his/her thoughts and design the answer with proper introduction, text body and conclusion in an articulated manner.

Thus, we have come up with the concept of “General Studies Paper-1 Workbook”, in which we are providing practice questions of all subjects mentioned in the syllabus with model hints. This will help the aspirant in grasping the essence of question and how to approach the answer in objective and articulated manner.

We have added around 76 new questions with Hints. The subject-wise segregation is as follows:

  • Modern history – 45
  • Post-independence – 10
  • World history – 29
  • Geography – 41
  • Society – 71


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