Science & Tech and ENVIRONMENT(GS Paper III) Answer Writing Workbook: UPSC IAS Mains 2020


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Science & Tech and ENVIRONMENT(GS Paper III) Answer Writing Workbook: UPSC IAS Mains 2020

Download Sample Notes: Science & Tech 

Download Sample Notes: ENVIRONMENT

GS SCORE Environment and Science and Technology Workbook

With the increasing unpredictability of the types of questions being asked in the UPSC IAS examination, it becomes very important for IAS aspirants to begin and continue to practice answer writing. This will prove to be very helpful and fruitful while preparing for the most coveted civil services. The workbooks are designed in a way that enables the students to understand their weak areas and improve upon them.

The workbook is a novel concept brought to you by GS SCORE for aiding your preparation and helping you achieve ‘the IAS dream’. The workbooks contain sets of questions along with their model answers to help students practice at their convenience. Each question in the workbook covers a topic relevant to the UPSC examination. Thus, it will help aspirants to complete their syllabus holistically through questions and answers.

There are 12 booklets available to all students for the preparation of the Mains examination.

  • They will be categorized subject-wise for the benefit and convenience of the students.
  • This categorization will also help the students practice the topics they are studying without having to search for them from a huge compilation of uncategorized notes.

What is the significance of the practicing answer writing for Mains Examination?

The Workbooks will help students assess themselves and their preparation while aiding them by providing quality questions for practicing answer writing, which is a very important component of the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Answer writing practice will provide aspirants a clarity and coherency in their answers. Along with that, the flow of thought and expressions is also important for writing answers in the UPSC Mains examination, which can only be developed with practice and persistence. With the GS SCORE Workbook for Environment and Science and Technology,aspirants will easily be able to cover the entire syllabus along with improving the quality of their answer writing skills.

How will the workbook help serious aspirants?

The Workbooks have been designed in a way that follows the trends of the UPSC IAS Mains examination giving the aspirants only valuable and holistic practice of answer writing. Each set of the Workbook covers significant portions of the subject in 10-11 questions.

The GS SCORE Environment and Science and Technology workbook consists of questions from the following topics:

Environment (7 sets in total)

  • Conservation, environmental pollution, and degradation, environmental impact assessment
  • Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management


Science and Technology (7 sets in total)

  1. Biotechnology (2 sets)
  2. IT/Communications/Robotics (2 sets)
  3. Space and Defence (3 sets)
  • Science and technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.
  • Indigenization of technology and developing new technology.
  • Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and issues relating to intellectual property rights




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