Study Material for GS Paper 3


Product Description

Salient Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage of GS Mains Paper III
  • The material is prepared keeping in mind the necessity of the Aspirants with respect to changing UPSC Pattern
  • GS Mains material covers traditional as well as contemporary dimensions of the topics 
  • Underline sub-topics under the broader UPSC syllabus have also been covered.




The material consists of following Subjects:

Indian Economy

Chapter 1: Economy basics

Chapter 2: Overview of Indian economy

Chapter 3: Fiscal policy

Chapter 4: Taxation

Chapter 5: Monetary policy in India

Chapter 6: Financial system

Chapter 7: Banking

Chapter 8: Industry

Chapter 9: Labour

Chapter 10: Investment

Chapter 11: Infrastructure

Chapter 12: Foreign trade

Chapter 13: Agriculture

Disaster Management

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Natural Disasters

Chapter 3: Man Made Disasters in India

Chapter 4: Disaster Management Cycle

Chapter 5: Disaster Management Institutions in India

Chapter 6: Emergency Response Mechanism

Chapter 7: Community Based Disaster Management

Chapter 8: Leveraging Science & Technology in Disaster Management

Internal Security

Part 1

Chapter 1: Internal Security Challenges

 Chapter 2: Terrorism Threat to India

Chapter 3: Organized Crime

Chapter 4: Linkage between Development and Spread of Extremism

 Chapter 5: Insurgency in North-East

 Chapter 6: Security Challenges in Border Areas

 Chapter 7: Basics of Cyber Security

 Chapter 8: Cyber Warfare

 Chapter 9: Social Media and Internal Security Threat

Chapter 10: Money Laundering

 Chapter 11: Black Money in India

Part 2

Chapter 1: Police Reforms in India

 Chapter 2: Various Security Forces and their Mandate

 Chapter 3: Role of Army in Internal Security

Part 3

Chapter 1: Threats, Challenges and Vulnerabilities in 21st Century

Chapter 2: Impact of Governance and Justice Delivery System on Internal Security

Chapter 3: National Security Mechanism

Chapter 4: Issues in Intelligence Services

Chapter 5: Strategy for Coastal and Offshore Security

 Chapter 6: Make in India in Defence

Science and Technology

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Space

Chapter 3: IT, Telecom and Electronics

Chapter 4: Defence

Chapter 5: Nano-Science and Nano-Technologies

Chapter 6: Robotics

Chapter 7: Nuclear Energy

Chapter 8: Biotechnology

Chapter 9: Renewable Energy

Chapter 10: Achievements of Indians in Science & Technology

Chapter 11: Policies Related to Science

Environment and Ecology

Part 1

Chapter 1: Environment Basic Understanding

Chapter 2: Ecology

Chapter 3: Ecosystem

Chapter 4: Biogeochemical Cycles

Chapter 5: Types of Ecosystems

Chapter 6: Population Ecology

Part 2

Chapter 1: Biosphere

Chapter 2: Biomes

Chapter 3: Biodiversity

Chapter 4: Biodiversity Conservation

Chapter 5: Biodiversity Governance

Part 3

Chapter 1: Pollution and its Impacts

Chapter 2: Climate Change

Chapter 3: Environmental Conservation

Chapter 4: Environment related Institutions and Organizations

Chapter 5: Environmental Legislations in India

Chapter 6: Schemes

Chapter 7: Environmental Governance

Part 4

Chapter 1: Contemporary Issues

  1. Energy Development
    • Renewable Energy and Development
    • Petroleum Conservation Research Association
    • Atomic Energy Bill
    • Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill
    • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan
    • National Policy on Bio Fuels
    • Three Stage Nuclear Power Programme
    • Solar Renewable purchase Obligation
    • Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell
    • New Energy Policy
    • Energy Organisation
    • Ocean Energy and its Development in India


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