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Study Material for Indian Society


Product Description

No. of Pages : 304

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Salient Features :

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Indian Society of GS Mains Paper I
  • The material is prepared keeping in mind the necessity of the Aspirants with respect to changing UPSC Pattern
  • GS Mains material covers traditional as well as contemporary dimensions of the topics mentioned in the syllabus
  • Underline sub-topics under the broader UPSC syllabus have also been covered
  • Answer writing practice questions alongwith Hints will be provided to help students in understanding the basic structure of the answer

The material consist of following Chapters :

Unity in Diversity

  • Concepts of Unity and Diversity
  • Forms of Diversity in India
  • Reasons for diversity in India
  • Bonds of Unity in India
  • Challenges of National Integration

Basic Sociological Concepts

  • Basic Sociological Concepts
  • The Family and Kinship
  • The Joint Family
  • Concept of Patriarchy in India

Social Empowerment

  • Social Empowerment
  • Issues faced by Vulnerable Sections
  • Social Empowerment of Marginalized Sections of Society
  • Women Empowerment
  • Social Justice
  • Social Security in India

Women: Violence Against Women

  • Acid Attacks
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dowry
  • Rape
  • Witchcraft Related Murderers (Or Magico-Religious Beliefs)

Women: Economic Aspect

  • Banking
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Land & Property Rights
  • Schemes Related to Economic Aspect
  • Sexual Division of Labour
  • Women in Armed Forces
  • Working Women: Challenges
  • Recent Developments

Women: Political Aspect

  • Voting
  • Women Movements
  • Women’s in Legislature
  • Women In Panchayats

Demography and Census

  • Introduction to Demography
  • Demography theories
  • CENSUS 2011
  • Indian Scenario – Issues involved
  • Family Planning and Population Policy
  • Socio-Economic Caste Census


  • Introduction
  • Urbanization
  • Human Settlement
  • Human Migration
  • Urban Development

Social Issues

  • Juvenile Justice System in India
  • Transgender recognized as third gender
  • NHRC: Issues in functioning and steps needed
  • Human trafficking in India
  • Child Labour in India
  • Issues related to Slums in India
  • Female infanticide and feticide
  • Issue of Maternal Mortality
  • Issue of high Infant and Child Mortality in India
  • Sanitation: Issues and Reforms
  • Secularism and Secularization
  • Communalism, Fundamentalism and Communal Violence
  • Fundamentalism, Communalism and Globalization
  • Characteristics of the Existent Indian Organizational Structures
  • Steps needed for improvement
  • Conclusion


  • Meaning of Globalization
  • Reasons for Globalization
  • Dimensions/Impact
  • Anti Globalization Movement
  • Neo Localism


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