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The Indian culture, often labeled as an amalgamation of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent. The updated content on culture of India contains information on various aspects of the great Indian culture.

Salient features of the content are:
• Comprehensive Coverage of Indian Culture of GS Mains Paper I
• The material is prepared keeping in mind the necessity of the Aspirants with respect to changing UPSC Pattern
• GS Mains material covers traditional as well as contemporary dimensions of the topics mentioned in the syllabus
• Underline sub-topics under the broader UPSC syllabus have also been covered
• Answer writing practice questions alongwith Hints will be provided to help students in understanding the basic structure of the answer.

This booklet consists of the following Chapters:

• Characteristics of Indian Culture
• Paleolithic art
• Art & culture during Indus Valley civilization
• Religion and Indian philosophy
• Architecture and sculpture Since Mauryan age
• Indian paintings
• Classical forms of dance
• Folk dance forms

• Classical music
• Musical instruments
• Drama/theatre
• Puppet forms of India
• Indian pottery
• Indian Languages
• Indian literature
• Government institutions related to art and culture
• Spread of Indian Culture


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